BlackPods Mini



Black pods, beautiful and sleek in design. Black pods are the best wireless headphone you can have. But there is a catch this is the new black pods mini. Yeah, you read it right. It’s the same black pods but small in size.

Having all those features which were in black pods, but it is small and compact in size. Just like the previous ones, insert them in your ears and they will start playing automatically.

They are cheap but have the best audio quality with a sleek design and the best battery life.


Black pods mini are also wireless headphones and are made from the same matte plastic from which black pods 3 were made. This material gives it a sleek black matte finish look. They also fit perfectly in-ear.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of black pods mini is as good as black pods 3 and pro. Listening to music through them sounds very good.

Charging Case

The case is smaller than the previous version but the backup time of listening is more than 2.5 hours.

The case gives a back-up of more than 16 hours.

The case has also an indicator light that indicates the pod is charging, active, or is discharged. The case is small, compact in size which fits perfectly in your pocket.

Compatible Devices

Black pods work perfectly with all models of iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 11. But not compatible with iPhone 4.

They are also compatible with iPads air, iPad mini, iPad 5th generation, and all iPad Pro models.

It works with all apple series watches.

Black pods work perfectly with iPod 6th generation. 4th generation apple tv, and apple tv 4k.

They also work with non-apple devices that have a standard Bluetooth connection.


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