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Beautiful, sleek and convenient, blackpods 2 is the best technology of this decade. Blackpods 2 were the most awaited technology so far. They were just not a simple wireless head phone rather they were an outbreak in the technology industry. Those beautiful dangling wireless earbuds are the best wireless headphones you can buy right now. Black pods are very easy to use, just put them in your ear and they will start working seamlessly and instantly with your iPhone. When you are done with listening, just take them out and they will stop working automatically. Isn’t this cool? It is the most innovative technology that changed the whole headphone industry. Every company out there is trying to compete with it to make such an outstanding wireless headphone in such a low-price range. Its dark black case and ear buds make it sexier and more beautiful. The case looks like dental floss but not in an odd way. It has three in-built batteries, one in case and one in each bud. If in case ear bud runs out of juice, you can charge it via case by just putting it back inside the case. You can get an extra cable to charge the case or you can also charge it with the help of your iPhone charging cable. There is a button on the back of the case for Bluetooth pairing mode. But what really makes it stand out is the magnets in the lid to hold it. There are two other magnets inside the case to hold the earbuds, so even if the case is open magnets won’t let the buds fall out.


Blackpods 2 have the best quality and build quality. Even they are made up of plastic, it still feels great. They are light enough and durable enough to place in your pockets. It has a very distinctive style. There is a long arm under the earbud section. They are thick to fit the device’s battery inside and other components. The pods rely on their one-size-fit all plastic design to sat firmly in your ears. We tried the blackpods 2 earbuds in a number of ears and they sat well in everyone. Everyone was able to shake their head without the Blackpods 2falling out. The positive point of Black pods is that it will not hurt your ear after a long listening period. You can use earbuds or you can use them independently. It has the best technology you can ever have in a wireless headphone; it will start working automatically when you put them in your ears and will stop working as soon as you take them out.

Audio Quality.

Along with those comfort and beautiful design, they actually sound pretty good. The days of weak and small sound are over. Listening to a track with bass nicely cuts without messing up with the mid and notes. It means it has the sound has a rhythm to it, whether you want to relax or get pumped up. Unlike other headphones available in the market, the Black pods do not rely on remote controls. Instead, you will use Siri to adjust volume and skip tracks. You can also control other voice operating systems. Siri works very well, while testing we were able to make calls and use voice dialing. You will never feel the need to take your phone out of your pocket. The voice control has made it easy for you. And, all of this is done by a small chip inside the buds.

Charging Case.

The case has a very long-lasting battery inside to charge to buds over and over again and gives you a 2-hour of usage in total. The case can be charged with iPhone charging cable. There is an LED indicator that indicates the charging of the case. The case has actually two uses, it charges your earbuds, and in seconds it stores the earbuds so that you don’t lose them after using them. The case is small, compact, and fits easily in your pocket. To connect to your IOS device, just open the lead near the device and start pairing. It’s that simple. The case has a button behind it, it is used for Bluetooth pairing. This is used for pairing with non-apple devices. Just press the button to get the pair, they work almost identically. It’s simple and fast, this is how every wireless headphone should work.

Battery Life.

The long stem from the bottom of earbuds might look bulky, but the plus side is that the battery life is great. Because the battery is stored in those stems. Blackpods earbuds last up-to 5 hours with a single charge. But the battery drains faster when used for a phone call. The 5-hour battery claim was accurate in our test. The charging case is an excellent work of design. You charge it via its lighting port. Once fully charged it can charge your earbuds over four-time. There is an LED indicator on the case that goes green or red to indicate the charge status. Or you can open the lid near your device to see the battery status of the case and earbuds.

Sound Quality.

For all our reservations about feel, comfort, design, and fit, they actually sound pretty good. It just cut nicely through the mid and treble notes of the music. Sound has energy and rhythm. It satisfies you whether you want to relax or get pumped up. The sound does not feel overcrowded. Blackpods 2 nevertheless provide an impressive listening experience.

Compatible Devices.

Blackpods 2 work with all iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 series. But they are not compatible with iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4s. As for iPads, blackpods 2 works perfectly with iPad mini and later version, iPad air, 5th-generation iPad and all iPad pro models. They are also compatible with apple tv 4k, 4th-generation apple tv, 6th-generation iPod. Black pods work perfectly with all watches of apple.

Connecting with Android.

Connecting with an android device is a bit different story. To connect, open the lid near the device hold the Bluetooth pairing button near it, and find the device in the Bluetooth settings. Sure, that is not really a big deal. But once it is connected, the experience is impressive.

Final Verdict.

There is a lot we liked about the Blackpods 2. The battery life is amazing, the speed of charging runs laps around the competition. They sound great, and the best thing is how seamless the pairing process is. With voice-control, you don’t have to press any button anymore. Just double-tap on the bud and Siri get activated. Just say to skip the track or lower the volume. They are just like other wireless headphones you can buy, but with the best build quality, durability, and long battery life for full-day use. They work perfectly with apple and non-apple devices.


What is the batter life of wireless earbuds? They give you a backup of 5-hours while listening to music. But with a phone call its 3-hours. Is the microphone good for calls? The microphone works very well. What does the button do on the back of the case? It is used to sync with your iPhone or non-apple device. How many times the case can charge the wireless earbuds? You can charge the earbuds for four times. It gives you a total battery life of 24 hours. Are the wireless earbuds waterproof? No, they are not waterproof but fairly water and sweat resistant  


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  1. BlackPods

    I bought both models, I was surprised how quickly they arrived, only 2 weeks to Spain!

  2. Evan Ellwood

    i love them! all though its kind of a pain to connect to my device

  3. Jeff Guy


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